A Guide to Arranging Fruit Delivery to Workplaces

A lot of companies consider fruit delivery (to the office) a primary thing. If you are yet to find one that will deliver the good stuff to your workplace, here is a little guide to help you through the process.  

Look for a Service 

It is always a good idea to look for a delivery service that’s delivering from a nearby area. This doesn’t mean those coming from far away aren’t reliable. It just can feel more convenient to deal with nearby services.

The internet is the best place to start your hunt. Look up the top fresh fruit delivery services that you have easy access to. Ideally, you will find reviews and recommendations of the top ones on your result page. If you have more than one option, check them out slowly, one by one, to find out all about them. 

Reach Out

All services should have a hotline and email ID through which customers and potential customers get in touch with them. Use these channels to reach out and discuss your needs. You could also visit them physically if you wish.

Make sure you are clear about all your requirements and that you do not leave out any of the important, specific details. Giving them the complete picture should make it easier for them to prepare a quote, and help avoid any misunderstanding/miscommunication between both parties. 

Fill Out Forma

All details and information are documented in order to avoid any hassle. Your company information and your requirements will be documented in forms that you will be required to fill out and hand it back to the delivery company.

In most cases, these forms could be filled and submitted online, meaning you wouldn’t need to visit your delivery company repeatedly to get matters sorted. However, some companies prefer dealing with the initial process physically. The delivery company should offer you both options, for a client’s convenience and preferences are all that matter.


Ideally, you will agree on a commencement date for deliveries, which you will mention on the forms you have filled, too. Deliveries will begin on the agreed date. Good delivery companies do not require reminders or follow-ups from their customers. Instead, they would call up their customers a day prior to the date of commencement to inform them that deliveries will arrive on the said date and time, without fail.

You may want to have someone in charge of receiving and dealing with these deliveries so you won’t be causing any inconvenience to them from your side. 


Ideally, you would have discussed how payments will be done and understood/agreed upon all the terms and conditions involved. Again, this information is included in the forms you filled out. It becomes your responsibility to make payments on time and in the right manner.

This will help establish proper order and avoid any inconvenience to either party. Any issue related to payment can be discussed and sorted out. If you are serious about the daily fruit and veg supply to your office, and you are super satisfied with the one you’ve found, you’d be delighted to pay them because you know it’s totally worth it!

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