What Is Bentonite Good For?

Chances are you have already heard that bentonite is the next holy grail of all beauty products. And now you are curious as to whether you should try and use it. For thousands of years, people have been using bentonite to eliminate toxins from their bodies and other impurities like oils from the skin.

If you don’t have any idea what bentonite is, it is clay with a delicate and supple texture that when mixed with water, turns into a paste. This paste is what people apply on their hair or skin for aesthetic or therapeutic purposes such as the treatment of scalp and other skin conditions such as acne and rashes.

Aside from the above-mentioned, there are other benefits to using bentonite clay.

Weight loss

If you need bentonite clay Australia has many stores where you can find it. Bentonite clay is also taken as a supplement for weight loss. According to one study, using this clay supplement helped people who are on a high-fat diet avoid gaining more weight.

Even if bentonite clay has been used in some traditional weight loss techniques in the past, it is still recommended that you seek the professional advice of your doctor before trying it. Your doctor knows your condition best and even if this supplement is effective on others, it might cost you some health problems in the future.

Constipation reliever

Since bentonite is known to bind toxins, it is useful for controlling a person’s digestive system particularly if they are suffering from constipation. Patients with irritable bowel syndrome were reported to have received relief from constipation because of the clay. Although further studies still need to be conducted, the results of using clay for constipation are promising.

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Aids in curing diaper rash

Bentonite clay has also proved successful in curing diaper rash. A whopping 93% of the babies who received the play as a treatment for their rash showed an improved condition within six hours in 90% fully recovered from the rash within three days. Still, it is recommended that you seek the advice of your baby’s pediatrician before you even attempt to use the clay on your baby since their skin is more sensitive compared to ours.

Sun protection

One study has also shown that bentonite clay contains properties that could protect our skin from the sun’s damaging UV radiation. However, bentonite has not received any FDA approval to be used as sunscreen. So, if you are going to use it for sun protection use it at your discretion or do further research since sun protection is an important matter that you should not leave to chance.

There are no significant risks or dangers to using bentonite. However, if you will be using it for your skin it is best to do a skin test to check for allergies before applying bentonite clay or any other natural products for that matter. Wait 24 hours after applying the product to a small patch of skin to see whether there will be any indications of allergies. If nothing happens then you could use the clay as instructed.

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